CrossFit Yucca Valley Childcare


CFYV offers qualified adult-supervised child care services to all members with children ages 6 weeks – 10 years of age. Parents, enjoy a WOD while your child enjoys our Childcare area, interacting with others, playing with toys, watching movies or creating their own works-of-art to bring home.
10am to 11am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
3pm to 4pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

You MUST reserve your childcare space 24 hours priorto coming as we have limited capacity (Max. 5). You can reserve by calling 760-820-9591, send an email, or sign up on the Child care whiteboard.  If you need to cancel, please call us as a courtesy.

Childcare Rates Per Class (per family):

Day Pass                    One Month Unlimited
$3 One child                 $25 One child
$5 Two children           $30 Two children
$6 Three children        $35 Three children

For the safety of all children please review and follow the childcare policies below.  These rules will be strictly enforced so that each child has an enjoyable experience while in our childcare.

General Rules: 

1. Children are not permitted to be in the childcare area without staff present.

2. Parent(s) or legal guardian must be on the premises at all times and sign a liability release/childcare policy for each child.

3.  If your child is not toilet-trained, you must supply diapers, wipes, and clean clothes.  All children’s items must be labeled i.e. diaper bags, sippy cups, personal toys, etc…

4.  No food, candy, or gum is allowed. Only clear liquids in spill-proof containers are acceptable.

5.  Childern must have shoes and/or socks. No bare feet.

6CrossFit Yucca Valley reserves the right to refuse or suspend childcare privileges.

CrossFit Yucca Valley Child Care Illness Policy:

This policy is to protect the children and the members at CFYV from symptoms of illness. A child who meets one or more of the following criteria should NOT attend child care outside their home. We ask that you use your best judgment. It would be VERY awkward for us to ask you to take your child home.

  • Fever: 100.4+ within the past 24 hrs
  • Vomiting: Within the past 48 hrs
  • Respiratory: Rapid breathing, severe coughing, croupy cough
  • Diarrhea: We do not change diapers but will come get you if your child needs a change
  • Eye/Nose: Thick pus, usually a hint of green, from the nose or pus draining from eyes
  • Sore Throat: Especially when there is a fever or swollen glands
  • Skin Rash: Undiagnosed or contagious rash or infected sores with drainage
  • Unusual Color: Yellow or pink eyes or skin
  • General Illness: A child who does not feel well enough to participate in usual daily activities

Behavior Policy:

  • Children are expected to behave appropriately for their age group.
  • Parents will be called to the Childcare area if their child is behaving inappropriately.
  • Parents will be called to the Childcare area if their child continues to cry for a period in excess of 15 minutes.
  • CrossFit Yucca Valley reserves the right to refuse or suspend childcare privileges.

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